Meet my friend Sinjin

I would like you to meet my friend Sinjin.  Sinjin is a monkey, a sock monkey to be exact.  I met Sinjin for the first time when his mom was visiting my mom.  I saw a long dangling tail sticking out of his mom’s bag and then went over to say hello and introduce myself.  We became instant friends.  Here is a picture of us.

Sinjin and I still keep in touch even though he moved far away.  I hope we can hang out again soon just like old times.  Good friends, bears or non-bears, are worth more than 100 jars of honey.  Now you know how much I do love honey, so that means quite a lot.

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12 thoughts on “Meet my friend Sinjin

  1. That is too bad about Sinjin moving away. I think you and your gang of animals have to to do a road trip to hang out with Sinjin again. Maybe a trip for Memorial Day (long time away but gives you plenty of time to plan what you and Sinjin are going to do).

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