Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day.  I think all moms, bear or non-bear, are beary special.  Remember to take the time to thank your mom today.  You should thank your mom everyday, in fact, because they are really that special.

I made a card for my mom with some flowers on it.

On the inside, I wasn’t sure what to say so I kept it simple.

Then my mom asked me to pick out some Mother’s Day balloons for her mom.  We will be delivering them ourselves today.

“Ajdin, don’t fly away!” Uncle Tibbs said, as I floated by on a balloon.

To all mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

    1. That balloon ride looks like soooooooo much fun. My roommates have a balloon like that in their house, guess what I am going to do while they aren't looking????

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