Mowing the lawn

“Ajdin, if you are looking for me, I will be outside mowing the lawn,” Uncle Tibbs said.  He went outside.
Mowing the lawn, I thought.  I had never seen a bear mow the lawn before.  I went outside to take a look.
The lawnmower whizzed and whirred.

“NOTHING BEATS DOING YARD WORK WITH YOUR OWN TWO PAWS!” Uncle Tibbs yelled over the sound of the mower.  He steered the mower up and down the hill.


“THANKS AJDIN!” he yelled back.  He turned the mower around and went over a tall grassy patch.

Apparently I am beary good at supervising.
While Uncle Tibbs put the mower away, I spotted two bunny rabbits in the yard.  They stared at me for a long time.  I waved hello at them.  I guess they had never seen two bears mow the lawn before.
“Thanks for your help today, Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs said.  “Now let’s take a break and enjoy the sunset.”
There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass!
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7 thoughts on “Mowing the lawn

    1. Uncle Tibbs said next time he will show me how to ride it. I'm not sure if I could do it myself though, I might need a little bear sized lawnmower… but then the lawn would take a looong time to get cut

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