After a few tries, I was able to catch my very own lobster!  I put him in my fishing pail.  I couldn’t wait to try lobster for the first time.

I opened my mouth to take a bite…

“OUCH!” I cried.  The lobster pinched my nose.
“I dun think so matey!” the lobster said.  “I’m not going to be anybody’s seafood grub today!  Arrrr!”
“A talking lobster?” I said in disbelief.  He gave me a strange look.
“You land creatures don’t know much about us seafaring lads, now do ya?  Arrrr!”

He scampered away grumbling something about silly land creatures and hidden treasure.  I was left rubbing my nose and with no lunch.  I guess it’s not that easy to catch a lobster.

Fortunately, my mom had better luck with catching lobsters.  We even brought some home where I shared some with Uncle Tibbs.

“Thanks for thinking of me, Ajdin,” he said.

Time to dig in!


10 thoughts on “Lobster

    1. Uncle Tibbs is an adult bear so he is allowed to drink. He says once every now and then is ok. I am still underage (I was just posing with the bottle but my mom took it out of my paws immediately after this photo was taken).

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