Will it grow?

I asked my mom if we could have a garden and she said she is working on that, but she gave me a mini gardening kit to play with in the meantime.  I guess this will have to do.  This is a growing kit for poppies.
Let’s see what’s inside the kit.  A pot, seeds, and growing soil.
I followed the directions and put the soil in a cup, adding a little bit of water.
Then I took some seeds and planted them in the pot.  They are beary small.
Then I placed the pot on the windowsill for some sunshine.  Now I just have to wait!  Will it grow?  I’ll check back in a couple of days.

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7 thoughts on “Will it grow?

  1. Poppies are my roommates favorites! You got a great plant to grow. Keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the poppies we have in Oregon are California Poppies. They grow everywhere and are so cool. I heard in California it's illegal to pick the CA poppy because it's the state flower. What is the state flower in your state (or province…Sandy)

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