New website + giveaway

This afternoon I was working on my computer.

“Hey Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs said.  “What are you working on?”
“It’s a surprise,” I said.
“Can I see?” he asked.

“It’s not quite ready,” I replied.

“Please?  Just a little peek?” he asked again.
“No,” I said.  “I am still working on it.”
“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?” asked Ooogie.
They were beary persistent so I finally gave in.
I have been working on a new website!  It is called Life is Beary Good.  It will have the same blog posts as this current blog but also a few other things.  I will still update this blog as usual.
And to help kick off the new website, I am giving away a Life is Beary Good magnet that I made with my own paws (you can find similar magnets in my new Etsy shop).  To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment naming something you are thankful for.  The winner will be chosen randomly on February 7, 2015.
Have a beary good day!

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