April 1

When I woke up today, it was just an ordinary day.

I yawned and stretched and then sat up in bed.

“Today is going to be a beary good day!” I said.  I decided to wear my favorite blue tee shirt.
I put it on.
But I didn’t put any pants on.
I did, however, put on my hat.
Then I went to the window.  The weather was good!  It was going to be a beary good day.
I wonder what adventures I would have today.
But first, I went to say hello to Uncle Tibbs.  I saw him sitting on the couch like he usually does.
“Good morning, Uncle Tibbs,” I said.
“Good morning, Ajdin,” he replied.
Then my friend Ooogie came over.
“Hi Ooogie,” I said.
“Hello Ajdin,” Ooogie replied.  “I am in a bit of a hurry so I can’t chat for long.  I’ll talk to you later though.”  He went away.
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