After what felt like a beary long week, today is finally Friday.  TGIF, or Thank God I Fish, as they say.  I don’t think anything will get me to move from this position on the floor —
Oh wait, what is this?  Gummy bears?  For me?

TGIF everyone, have a beary good weekend!
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7 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Gummie Bears!!! What a great snack idea for a movie night…maybe you need to leave some advertisements around the house showing that the Paddington DVD is for sale…the seKretaries might get the hint. We give you a 10 for the head stand!!

  2. Gummie Bears are one of my favorite snack candies. Perfect for a movie night. If you audition and get a job in Vegas I hear they have some great all you can eat seafood buffets.

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