“Ajdin, you have a package!” Uncle Tibbs said.  He brought over a large box.

I wondered if this was my recent online shopping purchase.  It was!

I quickly opened the box and saw…
…a green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hoodie!
…and a PawPad!
I immediately put on the hoodie.
“Ooogie, how do I look?” I asked.
“Youuuuu loooook greeeeeeaat,” he said.  “Tuuuuurtles ruuuuule!”
Then I started playing around with my new PawPad.
It can do some pretty cool things.

A new hoodie and a new PawPad – I am such a lucky bear!
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13 thoughts on “Goodies

    1. Yeah we three are build-a-bear bears so we get most of our clothes from them, unfortunately the USA store won't ship to Australia for some weird reason, so Mum is hoping one of her American e-bay friends may be able to help out and find it for us. 🙂

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