My puppy

Over a week went by, and still no one contacted me about a lost dog.

“Well, I guess that means…” I paused, then turned to reach for the flyer.
“…YOU CAN STAY WITH US!” we all cheered.
The puppy jumped on me.  Again.
“What will you name him, Ajdin?” Uncle Tibbs asked.
I scratched my head.  I hadn’t thought about it too much.
“How about… Fido?” I said.  The puppy shook his head.
“Rover?  Clifford?  Lassie?  Jerry?  Sequoia 2.0?”  The puppy yawned.
“Ah…. hmmm… how about… since I met you in a park…  how about… Parker?”
“Okay then… everyone, meet Parker, my new puppy!”
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