Air mail

Hello everyone.  Parker and I are here waiting for the mail to be delivered.


Parker is not going to fetch the mail like last time because we are lucky enough to have a special air mail delivery service today.

”INCOMING!!!”  It was Miss Feathers zooming through the air.  She was carrying a postcard.

“ONE POSTCARD FOR AJDIN ADILOVIC!!!” she announced.  She dropped the postcard to the ground and it whacked me in the face.

“Oh Ajdin, I’m so sorry!  I have to work on my aim!” she said as she continued her deliveries.

(I am beary glad it was only a postcard today.)

Let’s see here.  It’s a postcard of Cascade Falls, and the photographer of the postcard is Arthur Fox.  And the postcard is from Little Fox, what a coincidence huh, Parker?


The postcard says:

Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, et al…..

Colorado is amazing!  The mountains are huge, the flowers are blooming, and the hiking is awesome!

Thanks Little Fox for the postcard!


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