“Ajdin, can you help me tidy up around here?” asked Uncle Tibbs.

“Sure,” I said.

Uncle Tibbs got some cleaning spray and a cloth.

“So much to do…” he murmured.

“What’s the occasion?”

“We’re having a visitor,” he said.

“Oh really?  Who is it?” I asked.

“Now for the tea… and honey… ah, someone beary special…” he said.

“Really?  Someone famous?  A celebrity?”

“Yes, bigger than a celebrity.  Can you put some cookies on a plate, please?”

I sampled a cookie.

“Who is it?  A rock star?  The President?”

“Hmm… do I look presentable?  Maybe I need to brush my fur a little bit,” said Uncle Tibbs.

“It must be someone beary important,” I said.

“Yes, beary important indeed,” he smiled.  “Go put on one of your nice shirts,” he told me.

“Uncle Tibbs, won’t you please tell me who is visiting?  I really can’t wait any — “


“Go answer the door, Ajdin!”

I opened the door, and it was…

… Mrs. Tibbs!  (Uncle Tibbs’ mom)

“Hello there Ajdin!” she said.  “You are looking quite well, how are you today?  Thank you for inviting me over for tea and cookies today!”

To all moms, we want to say…


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2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Aww have a nice time with Uncle Tibb’s Mum! Did you do anything for your (human) Mummy?
    Still curious as to what you thought of the parcel we sent you on behalf of Ozzie. 🙁 Did you like what we put inside? Looking forward to the post about it. 🙂

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