Stuffie National Convention, part 2



Wow, that was a really refreshing nap! Is Ooogie finished reading the roll call of states yet? Is it my turn to give my acceptance speech as the stuffie nominee for President of the United States of America?


Wait, where is everyone? The convention hall is nearly empty except for a few stuffie delegates who are just leaving. What happened? Please don’t tell me that I…


“Parker, what happened?”


“I… can’t… believe… it. I slept through the entire convention.”


“Don’t worry? How can you tell me not to worry? My entire campaign is ruined. I can’t run for president now, and the future of this country is at stake…”


“You what? You accepted the nomination on my behalf?”

“Oh Parker! That was a great speech! Everyone loved it! You will be a terrific Vice President!” gushed Miss Feathers.

“Greeeeeat joooooob Paaaaarkeeeeer. Cooooongraaaaatuuuuulaaaatiiiiionsssss on seeeelf-noooominatiiiing yoooourseeeelf as Viiiice Preeeeesiiiideeeent,” said Ooogie.

“Vice President? You’re my Vice President?”


“And you have my debate preparation notes also? Because the Presidential debate is… NEXT WEEK?”

Wow, I missed out on a lot! Winter is coming soon so I guess I went into quasi-hiBEARnation instead of a short power nap. Anyways, time to get to work!

And by the way, I have the best Vice President a stuffie nominee could ever have! No wonder they say dogs are a stuffie’s best friend.


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