After I made sure that I had fully materialized after going through the transporter, I heard a deep, booming voice behind me.

“Welcome back, Captain.”

“You must be…”

“Lieutenant Commander Tibbs, son of Daisy Elizabeth Anne Tibbs. Chief of Security onboard the Starship Enterprise.”

I turned to a familiar-looking turtle. “You must be…”


(I wonder what warp speed means for this ship.)

“Wow! This is so cool!” I exclaimed.

“Captain, are you feeling alright?” said another voice.

“YES! Yes, I am feeling fine, Counselor, uh…”

“Counselor Deanna Tweet.”

Suddenly I was knocked over by a brown furry thing.

“Ah, Number One!”


My crew was almost assembled, but there was still someone left.

“Geordi La Fish, Chief Engineer at your service, Captain!”

I turned to my exceptional crew members. I was captain of this fine starship.

“My name is Captain Jean-Lox Bearcard! Mmm…lox…”

“And our mission is to boldly go where no stuffie has gone before!”


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