Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the holiday cards we’ve received over the past week or so! We got cards from Jerry and Ben, Droopy, Little Fox, Sandy, Sprinkles, Jessica, and Fritzel! Sandy also sent a puzzle and a pin! Thank you beary much everyone. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2018 for more beary good adventures

Christmas lights

This morning, I saw Uncle Tibbs in the living room. “Hey Uncle Tibbs! What are you up to?” I asked. “Hi Ajdin, I’m just getting these Christmas lights out so we can decorate around here.” “I wonder if these are still working from last year,” he said. “Let’s plug them in.” The lights lit up the room brightly. “They look…

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I feel like… … like I’m being watched! Oh hey there! Ajdin Salmonfisher here. By now, you’re probably heard that the new STAR WARS movie is out in theaters! I’m just getting my tickets online using Fishdango, and trying to stay away from spoilers on the internet. Are you going to see the new Star Wars movie? Have you seen it…

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iPhone X

Hey there! Have you heard the latest craze over the new iPhone X? I hear it’s super cool and fast. A lot of these phones sold out quickly online, so I’m waiting on line to buy it at the local Apple store. I hear they have a new shipment coming in today! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. The crowds…

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