A Special Outing

A few weeks ago, my mom woke me up early to go on a “special outing.” The weather was cold and cloudy and I was beary reluctant to get out of bed. What could be so special at this place? It doesn’t look like much from the parking lot. I would much rather be in bed, you know, sipping tea…

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A couple days ago, I received a card from Sprinkles the Traveling Bear! That is such a beary cool name, isn’t it? By the way, my previous post about not blogging anymore was an APRIL FOOLS joke! 🙂 On the back are some cute Easter themed stickers! The card is shaped like an Easter egg! Thanks Sprinkles!

Last post

Hey everyone, thanks for following my blog for the past several years. Unfortunately, I have decided to stop blogging and this will be my final blog post. Wishing you all the beary best!

Stuffie Spotlight – Alexander Mackenzie Bear

Hey everyone, this month a beary good friend of mine is in the Stuffie Spotlight. Please welcome Sandy Bear (aka Alexander Mackenzie Bear)! 1) What is your name and where do you live? My name is Alexander Mackenzie Bear, but you can call me Sandy. I’m named after Alexander Mackenzie, one of the great Canadian/Scottish explorers! I live in an old coal…

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