Miniature food kit

Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make miniature food with this cool kit. I’ll first set out all the supplies. Now let’s flip over the box to read the instructions. Hey… wait! All the instructions are in Japanese! I can’t read Japanese! Oh no, what am I going to do? Well, I am just going…

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Art contest for humans

Be sure you sketch my good side, okay? And can you make my tummy look not so — HEY! Can’t you at least knock around here? Well, while you’re here, I guess I’ll make the announcement. Today I am pleased to announce an art contest… for HUMANS! Yes, that’s right. You, the stuffie, will be the model while your human…

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Stuffie Spotlight: Jerry and Ben

What is your name and where do you live? Jerry & Ben Bear, and we live in cold and wintery Antarctica…”What a minute, says Ben, we DO NOT live in Antartica, we live in the upper midwest, mostly in MinneSOta.” Ok, that’s true, we just had a beary harsh and beary LONG winter this year. Tell us about how you…

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Sea Turtle Conservation

Ooogie asked me to share this article about a sea turtle conservation project. Check it out! He also tells me he has a special project in the works… hmm… what could it be?

Jigsaw puzzle

A beary long time ago, my friend Sandy sent me a jigsaw puzzle. My secretary (before I fired her), had this kept in storage so I am only now just getting to put it together. Anyways, one side of this puzzle is a bear. On the other side are some fish. I am going to say that they are salmon. Let’s put…

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