Milan, dah-ling!

Alright, let’s take the final leg of our Italy tour. The last stop on this trip is Milan, dah-ling! We also happen to be here during Milan Fashion Week. I’ll have to check out the latest stuffie fashions on the runway. So here I am standing outside of the Santa Maria delle Grazie church. Supposedly, there is a beary famous mural painting…

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More of Italy!

After we left Lake Como, we headed to the charming town of Stresa for a couple of days. This town is located next to Lake Maggiore, the second largest lake in Italy. There are three tiny islands and we are going to visit them all, but first let’s take a ride in a cable car for a mountaintop view! I…

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Hey everyone, last month, I had the once-in-a-stuffie-lifetime opportunity to visit Italy! Here I am looking out the window from the airplane. I had never been there before and was beary excited. This is the view from our hotel in Varenna next to Lake Como. There were so many cute cafes next to the water just like this one. Aren’t…

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New shirt

Today, I was looking out the window wondering when the mailman would arrive. My mom said she ordered a new shirt for me for my birthday, but it was a little delayed. Oh, the mail already arrived! It’s a package from Build A Bear (of course). I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Wow! It has raglan sleeves…

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Bearthday fun stuff

I received this cool postcard from Little Fox in the mail last month. It’s a postcard from the Great Smoky Mountains! This bear looks so cute, as all bears are! 😊Thanks Little Fox! Next, I got a bearthday card from Droopy and friends. Look, this is a homemade card which is the best kind. It is made from buttons and craft paper. Droopy is…

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Update: Uncle Tibbs

A few months ago, we found Uncle Tibbs lying on the couch. He seemed to be in pretty bad shape at the time and quite stressed out. It’s always good to check-in with friends to see how they are doing in challenging times, so let’s see what he is up to now. Ah, there he is! He’s… lying down… oh no……

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Secretary job posting

As you may or may not know, I fired my secretary late last year and have been trying to take on all my blogging duties myself since then. It hasn’t been easy for me and it also takes my time away from the high-level strategic decisions of running of a blog. So, I have decided to put out a job posting for…

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Fan art

My friend Helen drew this picture of me! It’s me in my Steve Jobs Halloween costume. I think it’s terrific! What do you think? Thank you Helen!

Build-a-Bear Pay Your Age Day

Hey everyone, did you hear about Build-a-Bear’s Pay Your Age Day last week? Apparently you could get any bear in the store and would only have to pay your age (my mom says it would not be worth it for her.) Well, it was so popular that they had to close the lines early because of overcrowding! You might be…

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Art Contest Winner

Hey everyone! I received some fantastic entries for the Art Contest for Humans. Let’s check them out, then select a winner at the end. Untitled poem by Little Fox Little Fox in the woods Hiking as no one could Be sure to bring lots of food Is that Lox that this Little Fox brought? Is that cheese that he brought? Please…

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