Hey there! Guess where I am right now? I was really craving a Filet-O-Fish sandwich so I hopped in my car and now I’m on line at… …McDonald’s! Ah yes, a nice Filet-O-Fish sandwich and french fries and a milkshake sound really good right now. But the only problem is that I’ve been waiting a reallyyyyy loooong time! Isn’t this…

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Stuffie Spotlight: Droopy W. Dog

My friend Droopy is in the Stuffie Spotlight! Check out his fascinating interview below! 1)  What is your name and where do you live? My name is Droopy W. Dog.  Everyone always wonders what the “W” stands for.  I’ve tried to keep it a secret, but my human inadvertently released a photo a few years ago and gave the whole thing away. …

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Mr. Potato Head

Hey everyone, do you remember my friend Captain Claude, fearless adventurer and pirate? (Side note: I almost ate him for lunch one day.) Anyways, here’s today as our special guest and will help me put together a Mr. Potato Head Pirate Spud! ARRRR! Wow, there are quite a lot of pieces in this kit. I see ears, arms, a nose, a pirate sword……

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Hot Wheels car

Hey, do you want to see something really cool? Of course you do! I’ve been beary good lately so my mom got me a red Hot Wheels car! It looks just like my real car. It’s basically a perfect replica, don’t you think? VROOM VROOM!! Okay, so there are some differences here and there, but it’s pretty close. The model car…

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Bear claw stone

Hi there, Bear Cub Scout Ajdin here! Today, I wanted to show you a rare bear claw stone. Have you seen one of these before? My beary cool Aunt Joyce found one of these and gave it to me. There aren’t that many remaining in the world now. Legend has it that these stones have magical powers of …. err… something magical?…

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Uncle Tibbs’ new apron

I was hanging out with Uncle Tibbs when my mom came by with a little surprise for him. “Something for me?” he asked. Indeed it was, and it was something fun! “Oh, this is beary exciting!” he giggled. Uncle Tibbs opened it to reveal a black apron that said “Bear Grills.” This is a gift from Droopy and his human and we received it…

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Lost teddy bear’s envy-inducing Hawaiian vacation

Check this out! Looks like he had a good time. Have you been to Hawaii? I haven’t been there yet – hopefully soon!

New hoodie

My mom got me a new hoodie a few days ago! It’s a Super Mario hoodie from Build a Bear Workshop. First, a big thank you to my friend Droopy who got me a gift card to Build a Bear for Christmas. Now let’s try it on. Trying to fit clothes over my disproportionally sized head is always a challenge. *POP!* Okay,…

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Belated holiday cards

So, I have some belated holiday cards to share! They are belated not because they arrived late, but because I am posting them just now. Getting a new secretary will be one of the first things I do this year! The first card is from Sandy. This card has some cute penguins on it! Thanks Sandy! The other card is from Julie…

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Cruise and Chichen Itza

Over the holiday, my mom and I went on a cruise. I have never been on a cruise before, have you? I saw some large ships in the dock where we were leaving from. But soon, we left the safety of the harbor and went out into the great, big sea! I wonder how many salmon are swimming around right…

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