Laundry day

Today is laundry day so I am helping out a bit.  I almost fell in while pouring the detergent!  That would be so scary if I fell in the washing machine.  But I am starting to stink a little so I think I need a bath soon.  Hand wash, please? Mmm, so soft and clean!  I think I could be the new Snuggle bear, I mean, just look at the resemblance.

Hello! My very first post

Hello there!  My name is Ajdin Adilovic and I am a bear, a Bosnian bear to be more accurate.  My mom adopted me from Sarajevo and took me to the United States where I now live.  This blog is about all of my fun adventures.  Don’t you think I’m cute?  🙂 First of all, I want to teach you how to pronounce my name.  It is a Bosnian name and if you say it in Bosnian, it sounds like “eye-DIN” because you pronounce “j” like “y” in my native language.  But here in the United States, a lot of people…

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