Super Mario Bears

Uncle Tibbs and I were playing the video game Super Mario Bears.  Then we made some of our own props, and thanks to Ooogie, we now have a turtle shell also.  It’s a fun game.  Have you ever played it?

a relative

I was sent this picture today of a sighting of one of my relatives.  Wouldn’t you say we look quite similar?

sharing hats

“Aaaaaaaaachoooooo!” Ooogie sneezed. “Bless you,” I said. “Aaaaaaaaajdin,” Oooogie said.  “I’m a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit coooooooooooold.” “Hmm, I guess you’re not used to this cold weather huh?  You also don’t have fur like Uncle Tibbs and I do.” I patted him on his green head. “Oh, I know, Ooogie.  You can wear my hat.”  I took off my hat and put…

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A new friend

I still have to unpack my suitcase from my vacation trip, so that’s what I’ll be doing today.  For a little bear, it is interesting how I managed to pack so much stuff. Hmm… there is this green thing sticking out of the suitcase.  I wonder what it is. A turtle!  “Hellooooooooooo thereeeeeeeeee,” it said.  “My name is Ooogie.” “Hi…

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Uncle Tibbs: ladies bear?

I was watching a little TV earlier today when a commercial came on that caught my attention.  Now I usually don’t pay much attention to the commercials but this one intrigued me. In this commercial, a man was trying to impress a lady for Valentine’s Day and he picked up the phone to place an order for a bear.  The…

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♥ mailbag ♥

I’ve been getting mostly bills lately in the mail as well as other tax-related things, but what is this?  I don’t think it’s a bill… It’s from Jerry and Ben!  I opened it quickly to see what was inside… a beary cute Valentine’s Day card with a great picture.  Thanks guys!  Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

An Island Vacation

My mom said it has been a long winter and that we would be going on a trip to get away from the cold.  So I hopped into her backpack with my head sticking out like I always do when we go on trips.  (The downside to this is that I cannot see where we are going, just where we…

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Bear Lennon

This evening, I heard someone strumming a guitar and singing so I went to see who it was.  I followed the sound until I got closer and closer.  And then I saw him. The amazing Bear Lennon was in the living room. He was singing some of his famous songs, such as “I Want to Hold Your Honey Jar”, “Beautiful…

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A puzzle

I thought it would be fun to do a puzzle so I dumped out the contents of this 1000-piece puzzle box onto the dining table.  It’s a small table so it barely fits the full size of the puzzle which might make this even more difficult. Here I go… Oh my, this is quite a lot for one little bear.…

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Bear hug

“Hey Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs called out to me.  “Come here.” “Why?” I asked. “Just come here.” “Okay,” I said. “Come closer, Ajdin.”  I eyed Uncle Tibbs suspiciously.  I think he is up to something. “Why?” “Just come a little closer!” he said.  I moved a little closer. “There, that’s better,” he said.  “See, all I wanted was to give you……

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