Bearthday fun stuff

I received this cool postcard from Little Fox in the mail last month. It’s a postcard from the Great Smoky Mountains! This bear looks so cute, as all bears are! 😊Thanks Little Fox! Next, I got a bearthday card from Droopy and friends. Look, this is a homemade card which is the best kind. It is made from buttons and craft paper. Droopy is…

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Shhh.., it’s a surprise

Hello everyone, Uncle Tibbs here.  We are planning a surprise bearthday party for Ajdin – today is his bearthday. Ooogie, Feathers, and Parker are working on the decorations.  Let’s see how it’s going. “Happy Ajdin Day!” “Thaaaaat dooeeesssn’t looooook riiiight.” “Woof?” “Ajdin is a happy bear and today is indeed his day…” “Wait, how about this…” “Happy Bearthday Ajdin!” “Yes,…

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Bearthday mail

I received this fun bearthday card from my friends Jerry and Ben.  Isn’t it cool?  Thanks Jerry and Ben!

Where is everybody?

Yesterday morning, it was beary quiet when I woke up.  “Ooogie?” I called.  Ooogie was not napping on the bed. “Uncle Tibbs, where are you?” I called.  He was not reading on the sofa. “MOM???”  I could not find my mom either.  I was all alone.  I opened the door to go downstairs when suddenly — “SURPRISE!!!  HAPPY BEARTHDAY AJDIN!!!”…

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Special announcement: Bearthday cards for a non-bear

“Hello blog friends.  Uncle Tibbs, Ooogie and I are interrupting this regularly scheduled blog program to bring you news of a non-bear who needs our help. Perhaps you have heard on the news, but Danny Nickerson is a 6-year-old non-bear who has a rare brain tumor.  Over to you, Uncle Tibbs.” “Thanks Ajdin.  His bearthday is on July 25 and…

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