Belated holiday cards

So, I have some belated holiday cards to share! They are belated not because they arrived late, but because I am posting them just now. Getting a new secretary will be one of the first things I do this year! The first card is from Sandy. This card has some cute penguins on it! Thanks Sandy! The other card is from Julie…

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Holiday wishes

I hope everyone had a Beary Merry Christmas! I was traveling and didn’t have time to post some of the cool holiday cards that I got. This first card I received has a fox on it… and it’s from… Little Fox (that makes sense, doesn’t it?) Thanks Little Fox! I also got a card from Sprinkles the Traveling Bear. Also included was…

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Hello everyone!  I’ve received a lot of fun stuff recently that I want to show you.  First up is a jar of artisan honey from my friend Droopy.  Mmm, that’ll be nice with a piece of fresh, warm bread. Then Jerry and Ben sent me a card from a certain coffee shop because they thought I would like the design.  Isn’t it…

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Mail from a mouse

A few days ago, my mom handed me several packages that I received in the mail.  Wow, look at all this stuff!  And it is all from the same mouse, the one and only Beanie Mouse. The first piece of mail was a postcard from Paris.  I have never been to Paris before but hopefully I will get to go there…

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♥ mailbag ♥

I’ve been getting mostly bills lately in the mail as well as other tax-related things, but what is this?  I don’t think it’s a bill… It’s from Jerry and Ben!  I opened it quickly to see what was inside… a beary cute Valentine’s Day card with a great picture.  Thanks guys!  Happy Early Valentine’s Day!


I got some mail a couple of days ago!  This time, it’s from Little Fox. Ooooh, this is a beary nice outdoor winter scene.  Little Fox seems to be a very outdoorsy fox.  This picture on the card looks a lot like his pictures from his hikes outdoors with his roommates.  Thanks Little Fox!