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Halloween card

I got a Halloween card in the mail from my friend Droopy! It has some foam candy corn stickers, and the stickers on the right with the pumpkin, car, and witch are made of cork. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for the card, Droopy!

Paracord bracelet

Hey everybody! Bear Cub Scout Ajdin here with today's craft project - how to make a paracord bracelet! This is the perfect skill to learn for cub scouts everywhere. We are prepared for all emergencies and situations and paracord can be used to setting up...

Arts and crafts: Bee magnet and giveaway

Hello!  I have been beary busy working on some fun projects lately, and today I am going to show you how to make a bee magnet.  This is a simple but fun craft to make if you are bored. Lay out all your items on...