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Icelandic króna

I forgot to show you some Icelandic króna (ISK) that I had leftover from my trip to Iceland! In Scandinavian countries, "krona" means "crown" and because these countries had kings, the currency had their crown on them. (1 USD is equal to approximately 124...

Fish cleanup

Droopy sent me this article a few days ago. I hope the truck driver is okay! But it sounds like they need some help cleaning up this mess. I will gladly go help out! http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2018/04/23/truck-spills-tons-fish-onto-farmers-field.html


I just read this disturbing article about an increase in fish fraud during the winter months.  Read carefully and consider yourself warned! http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/10/28/452539969/that-salmon-on-the-menu-might-be-fraudulent-especially-in-winter  


My beary trustworthy nose smelled something... fishy.  I followed the scent and saw Uncle Tibbs in the kitchen.  He was wearing an apron. And in front of him were two large fish.  As a fish expert, I took one glance at the fish and knew...


A few days ago, my mom got me my own aquarium!  Now this is not your ordinary aquarium.  It already had some fish inside of it, and the instructions on the package said the fish would GROW.  All I had to do was to...