An Island Vacation


My mom said it has been a long winter and that we would be going on a trip to get away from the cold.  So I hopped into her backpack with my head sticking out like I always do when we go on trips.  (The downside to this is that I cannot see where we are going, just where we have been.)

I had to go through the x-ray machine at the airport before I was allowed onto the airplane.  Here I am looking out the window from the airplane.  (I was let out of the backpack to stretch my legs.)

Then we arrived in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.
We had a beary great view from the balcony.
The water was beary blue.
And also beary clear.
I made some new duck friends.
And relaxed all day…
It was a beary nice vacation, but I was still glad to come home, even if it is much colder here.  There is no place like home.  🙂


  1. The view from your room is beary nice. You looked beary relaxed on that chaise lounge. Are you going to try any water sports? I hear parasailing can be fun, maybe water skiing, or perhaps just take a relaxing island cruse?


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