Today I received a fun surprise.  My mom handed me a package that I got in the mail.

It’s from Jerry and Ben!  Those two bears are a fun bunch.  I wonder what they sent me.  I smelled something good inside.

The first item I pulled out of the package was a packet of microwave popcorn.  What a coincidence.  My mom was craving some popcorn but we didn’t have any in the pantry.
Next was a nice postcard with some lovely natural scenery.
Finally, and my favorite, were some packets of hot chocolate!  Jerry and Ben weren’t kidding when they said they liked hot chocolate.  I especially like how there is a bear on the packet of hot chocolate.  Thanks guys!  This was a beary special treat and brightened my day.


  1. You two should have a blog where you rate and recommend different hot chocoloates for other stuffies and non-stuffies.

    Maybe hot chocolate companies would send you free samples to be rated by you two. Of course before you start up the blog you would have to determine some sort of rating system like four paws up for a brand you really like.


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