Badge ceremony


After I bandaged Feathers’ broken wing, I brought her to meet Uncle Tibbs.

“Well hello there!” he said.  “And who do we have here?

“I am Feathers.”
“I am Uncle Tibbs.  And I assume you and Ajdin have been properly introduced?”

“I was resting on a tree branch when a large icicle came crashing down.  I fell on the ground in a tizzy and broke my wing.  Ajdin came along with his first aid kit,” she said.
She hopped onto his paw so he could take a closer look.
“Hmm,” Uncle Tibbs said, squinting at her wing.  “I sense that you are a strong flyer.  You will be better in no time, no time at all.”
He put her on the ground gently.
“Well Ajdin, this certainly seems to qualify you for the Helping Paw badge,” he said.  “And perhaps Feathers would like to present it to you.”  He gave the badge a final buff and polish.  It sparkled in the sun.
Feathers cleared her throat.
“For bravery and courage in helping another creature, and for exhibiting qualities of strength and kindness, I present this Helping Paw badge to Bear Cub Scout Ajdin.”
She pinned it to my uniform with her one good wing.  I stood up a little straighter.
“Wow!” I gasped.  “How does it look?”
“Speech!  Speech!” they both chimed.
I thought for a moment.
“Friends… both feathered and furry… let’s have some tea… with honey!”



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