Paracord bracelet


Hey everybody! Bear Cub Scout Ajdin here with today’s craft project – how to make a paracord bracelet!

This is the perfect skill to learn for cub scouts everywhere. We are prepared for all emergencies and situations and paracord can be used to setting up shelter, making a tourniquet, tying up gear, and used for fishing.

Let’s get started! I have a long piece of paracord here, plus a buckle closure.

I’m going to get one end of the buckle started.

I have measured my wrist and will keep that length between one buckle and the other, plus an extra inch of length so it fits comfortably.

And I’m using a simple braiding technique for this cord. There are quite a few different types of knots and patterns you can use when making your bracelet. I used a tutorial from this REI webpage:

We just keep on going until we get all the way to the end! Then, we snip off the extra part and use a flame to melt the ends together and fasten it securely.

Look, our finished bracelet!

I’m going to put it on – it fits perfectly! Now I’m ready for anything!


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