Mail call!


I received some fun mail the other day! Getting mail is always fun.

“Because you don’t have to pay bills,” said Uncle Tibbs.

Well, I guess that’s true.

The first piece of mail was from Jerry and Ben. How do I know? From their signature drawing of two little bears!

The stamp is pretty cool also – a Transcontinental Railroad forever stamp.

They sent me a postcard. This painting is called “La partie de musique” by Jacob I Van Oost, a Flemish painter who lived in the 17th century. Thanks guys!

Next is an envelope from Sandy. Take a look at all these colorful stamps! I think I need to upgrade my postage stamp game.

First up is a postcard from Sundern, Sauerland which is a town in Germany. Hopefully I can visit Germany one day soon, maybe when it is safer to travel?

There’s also a handmade cardboard postcard with some stenciled designs on it. It’s made by Beanie Mouse and is part of his Found Art project. I will report that I found it on his blog shortly.

There is also another postcard made by Beanie. It’s called “NYC Tickets” and it’s a painting done in watercolor. Wow! It looks so realistic and detailed. It must have taken a very long time to do.

Thank you everyone for the fun mail!


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