Hey folks, what’s up? I received some fun postcards over the past couple of weeks and will be showing you what I got today!

First up is an envelope. Can you tell who it’s from? Look closely!

It’s Sandy! He has his very own sticker!

Inside was a postcard with some handmade bags and purses. It looks like it could be at a market of some sort, in a foreign country, perhaps Morocco?

RAWR! He also sent me a postcard of a grizzly bear. Do we look anything alike? Tell me honestly, who is more fierce and ferocious? I am, right?


Next, I got a postcard from Humphrey who is from Minnesota. Humphrey has been very busy making masks and donating them to people who need them.


Finally, I received a postcard from Fritzel in Germany. This postcard is of Munich, so I guess he went there for his vacation!


Thank you for the postcards, everyone! Have a great week!





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