July 4th crafting


July 4th is almost here so I thought I would make some red, white, and blue decorations! Today, we’ll be making a patriotic wand to celebrate July 4th…

Wait… it looks like this package has already been opened…

…and it looks like someone already made one!

I think someone has been sneaking around my arts and crafts supplies! I have an inkling who it could be.

*sigh* Anyways, this kit has 2 wands in it so I can still make one and show you.

We will peel off the back of one of these foam heart stickers and put these ribbons inside.

And secure it with a same-sized heart on the other side.

Then we’ll decorate the front with a star pattern heart and silver glitter heart.

And for a final touch, we’ll put these “I 💜 USA” stickers on it too! Now I’m ready for July 4th!

What are you doing to celebrate July 4th?


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