Oh fudge!


Today was just a lazy Sunday afternoon… until my mom brought home a fudge kit!  I’ve never made fudge before, but I’m determined to help out the best that I can (and perhaps get my paws on some gooey leftovers).  This box has everything we need.

Let’s see what’s inside.  Sugar, evaporated milk, marshmallows, and chocolate.  Oh, this should be easy.  No measuring required.

I poured the sugar into a saucepan and added the evaporated milk and some butter.
My mom did not let me get too close to the burner because I am highly flammable so I had to take the picture from here.  Trust me, it’s boiling all nicely together and smells soooo beary good.
While my mom was stirring the pot, I helped out by getting the marshmallows and chocolate ready.  I ate some when she wasn’t looking!  Shhh…don’t tell.  🙂
Then we added the chocolate and marshmallows and stirred it together until everything melted into a nice gooey concoction…
Then we poured it into a foil-lined pan and added some walnuts on top.
I think you need to see a closer picture, don’t you?  Like this… *om nom nom nom*  This fudge will have to go in the refrigerator for two hours.
Actually, most of this fudge is going to be given away as a gift, so then I helped make the gift boxes to put them in.

Phew!  That was a lot of work, but I got a piece of fudge as a treat and got to lick the bowl.  Mmm, the holidays are such a delicious time of year.  I’m glad everyone is celebrating with their fun decorations and treats!


  1. Adjin, the fudge looks great! I like how you snuck a few bites of marshmallow and chocolate chips. I think the kit producers put extra chocolate chips and marshmallows in every kit for people to sneak bites from. Also glad to see you being careful around the open flame. Safety first, beary important rule.


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