Santa Claus


So today is the day when the big guy comes down the chimney.  At least, that’s what I’ve heard, but I’ve never met him before so I am just a little bit skeptical.  I’m not sure we have even used this fireplace before.  How could anyone possibly come down it?

But, just in case Santa Claus does come by, I’m going to leave some milk and cookies for him.  (I helped myself to a couple cookies also.)  🙂

Then, I went to bed, but it wasn’t before long when I was woken up by a loud WHOMP sound.
“Phew, this is harder than it looks,” someone mumbled from the living room.
“Santa?” I asked, tiptoeing from the bedroom.  “Is it really you?”
“Hi there, Ajdin… uh, I mean… HO HO HO!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Santa said.
“How did you know my name?” I asked.
“I’m Santa.  I know everyone’s name.”
“Wow!  You’re really real!”  I was beary excited now.
“And why not?  I’m just as real as you are,” he said.
“I must get my Uncle Tibbs to come meet you.  I’ll be right back — “
“Uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea.  He’s sleeping, isn’t he?  You wouldn’t want to wake him up, right?”
“Well, no, I guess not…”
“Here, I have some gifts for you.  I heard you were a good little bear this year.  Here’s a new jar of honey, some smoked salmon, and some gummy bears.  Don’t eat it all at once, Ajdin.”
“Thank you beary much, Santa.”  I gave him a hug before he turned to leave.
“And thank you for the milk and cookies,” he said, finishing them off in a couple of bites.  Then, as quickly as he had arrived, he went up the chimney and was gone.
WOW!  I am so excited right now!  I have to tell Uncle Tibbs in the morning what happened.  Too bad he was not awake to see this!



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