Bath time


I’ve had a lot of fun adventures in 2013, but sometimes all that exploring and adventuring can get me dirty and smelly.  So I’ve decided to start out 2014 on a nice and clean note.  I’ve asked my mom to give me a bath, and of course I requested a hand wash instead of the dreaded washing machine.

I’ve got some nice fluffy towels here and I also recommend Woolite for stuffie baths.

Running the water for a nice warm bath…
I like lots of suds and bubbles!  Now I just need a rubber duckie.
My shirt needs to be washed too.
One foot at a time… is the water too hot?
Getting ready to jump in!
Floating…ahh, this is so nice…
Ahhh, lots of bubbles!
Now I don’t like this part too much but my mom says it’s necessary in order to get really clean.  Look at all that grey murky water.  I was really dirty…
After a quick rinse, now it’s time to towel dry.
A hair dryer makes the drying go quicker.
This is my favorite part.  I get to lie here for a while for more air drying.  “A cup of honey tea please, while I’m waiting…”
Now it’s time for a quick spin in the dryer to fluff me up and make sure I’m really dry inside.
I’m a little dizzy…
Brushing my fur.  Gotta look good for the ladies.
And here I am, nice and clean!
How do you take a bath?



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