A puzzle


I thought it would be fun to do a puzzle so I dumped out the contents of this 1000-piece puzzle box onto the dining table.  It’s a small table so it barely fits the full size of the puzzle which might make this even more difficult.

Here I go…
Oh my, this is quite a lot for one little bear.  What did I get myself into?
I need a break.
Perhaps Uncle Tibbs can help me.
“Sorry Ajdin, I’m afraid I’m not much help here because my big paws have trouble picking up the small pieces, but I’ll cheer you on,” he said.
I think I’ve got it…!
It’s a puzzle with all kinds of candy.  And could that be… honey?  as in BIT-O-HONEY?
Phew, that was a lot of work so I’m going to take a nice nap right on the puzzle.


  1. Wow! You deserve a long nap, a cup of hot chocolate and a jar of honey for doing all that work. A bit o honey might be a good candy bar to try, do they have one called "a ridiculously large bite of honey"


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