It’s that time of year again.


Okay, let’s get it over with.  I bought a copy of TurboTax for fiscal year 2013.  Hopefully it will make things quick and easy.  I wonder how non-American stuffies file their taxes.

I put the CD into the computer.  Do you like my desktop background, by the way?
This nice lady says she’s going to help maximize my honey refund.  I sure hope so.
But I still need to get all my paperwork and receipts together.  I enter them into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
Ugh, this is still beary confusing.
Did you have any foreign income for fiscal year 2013?
Yes, some royalties from my honey business in Bosnia.
Did you have any charitable contributions?
Yes, to the SPCA.
Does the teddy bear cuteness deduction apply to you?
Yes, of course.
Now take line 21 from your tax form, divide by 9.3, multiply it by 2.43 and then take the square root of it, just for fun.  Add this number to line 7.
UGH!  This is too confusing for a little bear to handle.
Okay, I think I am finally done.  Let me just click the next button and I will get the final number for my tax refund.  I hope it is a big number.
WHAT?  Just one dollar?  You have got to be kidding me.  I think I need a honey ale drink right now.



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