Fishing with Uncle Tibbs


I told Uncle Tibbs about my recent ice fishing trip and how I failed to catch any fish.  Let me just say that as a bear, it is a bit embarrassing to return from a fishing trip empty-pawed.  That is something all bears should be able to do.  Perhaps Uncle Tibbs could give me some tips.

“Hmm… don’t get too down on yourself, Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs tried to cheer me up.  “It happens to everyone sometimes, myself included.  Fishing, just like any other skill, takes lots of practice and patience if you want to get good at it.  But I do have some tricks I could show you.”

He took out a small pouch shaped like a fish.

“I’ll tell you one of my fishing tricks, Ajdin, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, bear or non-bear,” he said.

“I won’t tell anyone,” I said.  “This is just between you and me and no one else.  I swear on my last bottle of honey,” I said.  (That is the biggest swear a bear can make).

“Inside this pouch is very special fishing bait.  It’s almost… like magic.”  Uncle Tibbs’ eyes grew wide.  “Let’s put some bait onto your fishing pole.  Good, now we sit and we wait.”

He sat me on his lap.

“But Uncle Tibbs,” I said, “don’t we have to go outside?  Don’t we have to go to a lake or a pond?  What do you mean we can just fish here on the couch?”  I was beary confused.
“Oooh we’re gonna catch some fish alright!” he exclaimed.  “Come on, Ajdin, don’t you believe in magic?  This is MAGIC BAIT!  Hahahaha!  WE’RE GOING TO HAVE FISH TONIGHT!”  I had never seen Uncle Tibbs like this before.  I was starting to think that maybe he had had too much honey…
Then I felt a tug on my fishing pole.  It was a gentle tug at first, then it became stronger and stronger.  UNGHHHHHH!  I finally reeled it in with all of my little bear strength.
I could not believe it.  It was…
…salmon.  And perfectly filleted too.
I took a closer look just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.
Nope, it was the real deal.
Now I was still beary confused by this magic fish bait stuff and everything, but I decided not to think too hard about it.  I mean, when you find a nice salmon fillet, you should not ask questions.  You should cook it and eat it.
And that is exactly what I did.
I found a beary good recipe that I posted below that fellow bears and non-bears can try.  I picked this recipe because it uses HONEY.  I did not have a lemon so I used a lime instead and everything still tasted beary good.
I put the salmon in a pan and added some salt.
After making a quick marinade, it goes on top of the fish.
Always ask an adult bear or adult non-bear to help out with the stove and oven.  My mom put the fish in the oven and when she took it out, this is what it looked like.
A beary delicious meal!  (Yes, of course I shared with Uncle Tibbs).
Here is the recipe:


  1. You did a great job Ajdin! You're sure lucky to have Uncle Tibbs around and to benefit from his wise advice! We're not beary good at fishing either…but Ben knows exactly where they keep the salmon at the grocery store, and that's often our beary first stop.

  2. Ajdin, the method Uncle Tibb's showed you is the only way I fish. That recipe looks beary delicious, I made a recipe a few weeks ago with chicken and honey and thought of my bear friends (becuase of the honey, not the chicken).

    I saw this preview for a new movie opening April 18, called "Bears". It's set in Alaska, Jerry if you think your snow is bad wait till you see pictures of Alaska. I wonder if they even garden up there?

  3. Oh, that fish looks amazing (***drool***). That is a beary cool way of catching fish – no fuss, no muss – you don't get cold, and there's no fish innards to deal with! Maybe Uncle Tibbs could sell that magic beat to other stuffies who are craving salmon… ah-hem… hint, hint…

  4. Magic Fishing, how wonderful. It reminds me of how important it is that we really BELIEVE in those including God,love, truth, patriotism, friendship, loyalty and justice.

    The salmom looks do beary delicious. Wish I can share some with you.


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