Walk in the woods


The weather was beary nice today so I went for a walk in the woods.  I thought of Little Fox and of all his beautiful hiking photos.  It was so much fun that I think I need to do more outdoor exploring.  I took my mom along also since she needs to exercise more.

On my walk, I spotted a bird perched on a tree branch high above.  As I got closer, it flew away.

Then I climbed a tree.  I guess bears can climb trees, so if you ever run into a mean bear, climbing a tree does not guarantee your safety.

Then I saw a beary unusual tree.  Look at how the trunk is bent.  Something must have happened to it, but it still kept on growing.  I thought it was the most interesting and beautiful tree in the forest.

I stopped on a bridge and saw a nice little stream.  Hmm, I wonder if there are any fish in that stream.

New buds were forming on the tree branches.  I guess spring is finally here!

Then I inspected a tree hole for any possible signs of a beehive, but all I saw was a “vacancy” sign inside the hole.  I guess the bees just moved out.

It was really nice to get back to nature and back to my roots.  I was feeling beary bear-like so I let out a loud, ferocious GROWL into the forest.  The trees rattled and the earth shook.  The squirrels and the birds scampered away.

Finally, before heading home, I checked out a picnic table for any tasty scraps, but it seemed that the humans here are beary good about cleaning up after themselves.


  1. What a nice day for a hike and I am sooooo glad you had a good time and good weather. I wonder where those bees went, perhaps when Ben's case gets solved you can work on that one…..

  2. That is a bear nice photos of you in the tree Ajdin! We love climbing trees too. Those holes in the trees are really good for bees. Maybe you should attach a little sign "Vacancy, Bees Only Apply"


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