Outdoor exercise


The weather has been great lately, so that means more walks outside.  I even tried some of the exercise fitness stations on the hiking trail nearby.

Oooh, balancing on this balance beam was beary tricky…
Erghhh… I pulled myself onto some parallel bars…
But it seems that I couldn’t quite get myself down.  Help me?  Anyone?  Help?


  1. That balancing beam looks like a lot of fun. I am glad you are getting excercise, where are Uncle Tibbs and Oooogie on these outings? Great job for pulling yourself up on those parallell bars, it looks beary hard?

  2. Your'e getting in great shape Ajdin. We like to take walks too. Jerry says in that way, after the hike, we can have some honey and toast, or hot chocolate in the winter. Jerry has good ideas!


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