My mom mentioned that she had to pick up a few things from the supermarket so I offered to do it today while she was at work.  It’s nice to be able to help out with errands sometimes when she is busy.
There were some beautiful flowers for sale.  Look how bright and colorful they are!
I picked up a pink rose for my mom.  I think she will like it beary much.
I also browsed through some vegetable seeds and thought of all my friends, like Sandy, who are planting and harvesting their gardens.  I wish I had a garden.  Maybe I will try to plant something in a small pot.
Next was the produce section.  I picked up some items here.
I got a few ears of corn.  Corn is beary delicious, especially sweet summer corn.  I cannot wait until the summer when corn is so plentiful and tasty.  Mmm!
Look at these nice bell peppers.  They remind me of a traffic light.
But where was the fish section?  Ah, here it is.  A nice offering of salmon and other fish.
I placed an order with the man behind the counter.  He looked a little surprised, but was beary friendly.  I guess he has never seen a bear order fish at a supermarket before.
Then I stopped in the greeting card section.  I saw a nice card that would be very fitting for Little Fox.  Do you see it?
Next, I headed to the frozen food aisle where I picked up some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  Maybe they have a flavor called Jerry and Ben’s ice cream.  I wonder what that would taste like, perhaps like hot chocolate and honey?
The last stop was the bakery.  There were many kinds of bread on the shelf, but I selected this nice loaf of bread.  I have a feeling it will taste beary good.
Okay, now it was time to check out.  I headed to the cashier and put my items on the conveyor belt.
Then I paid using my credit card.  The cashier also looked a little surprised but was beary friendly.  I guess she has never seen a bear pay for groceries before.
Okay, my shopping was all done here.  But as I headed for the exit, I noticed something unusual near the toy section.  I heard some voices yelling, “Help!  Let us out!”  I turned and saw a bunch of stuffies trapped inside a large plastic box.  There was also a dangling metal claw inside of this box.  I put in 50 cents like the machine said and tried to free one of them, but it didn’t work.  I will have to try next time to free the stuffies inside.


  1. Those are fun photos Ajdin! You should try some basil or chive seeds in little pots on a nice sunny window. Those are yummy herbs for cooking, at least that's what Ben says. We see that ice cream at our store too, but those guys never offer us any free pints for using our names! That doesn't seem beary fair!

  2. Basil is one of my favorites, Chives are good too since they come back every year. You shop at a beary friendly store… seemed like everyone was ready to help. Did someone offer to take your bags out to the car?

  3. Great shopping trip Adjin! It looks like you bought some healthy food… and the honey bread is a brilliant idea! I agree with the guys – basil and chives would probably work beary well in a window. Do you have a small balcony where you could grow things?


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