Bear claw


There is an upside to getting stung by bees, that’s for sure.  My mom has been giving me the beary special treatment.  (I am fully recovered from the sting but it doesn’t hurt to garner a little sympathy now and then, right?)  She brought home another special snack for me.

I wonder what’s inside.  Something smells good…

Ah, they call these things bear claws, though I don’t think it looks anything like mine.  It sure was tasty, though!  Have you had a bear claw pastry before?


  1. Oh yummy! What a lucky bear! We have also tried bear claw pastries and they are beary good! We agree with you Ajdin, you need to make that bee sting last as LONG as possible…a little sympathy is a beary good thing.

  2. Panera, I love treats from there. Maybe my roommates will buy me a treat from Panera for my successful supervision of building the desk and planting the garden…..


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