I went to the bowling alley for the first time today and played some games against a formidable opponent… Uncle Tibbs.

First things first.  I got some bowling shoes from the man at the counter.

Next, I chose a shiny, red bowling ball.  I have a feeling that this is a lucky ball.  What do you think?

But before we can start playing, I have to type in our names into the computer.

Great, now we can play.  I am up first.  The pins look far away, don’t they?  It seems pretty far for a little bear and this ball sure seems heavy.  But I am determined and take my first throw.

Oops!  My first ball went straight into the gutter.  That’s OK.  I am still warming up.  You haven’t seen anything yet.

Uncle Tibbs got a spare on his turn.  Hmm, he’s pretty good.

Maybe I need some help with gutter rails and a bowling ramp…

Nah, that feels a bit like cheating.  Maybe I will just put all of my effort into it.  ERGHHH!  I give the ball everything I have.  Look at that dedication.

I am rewarded with a spare!

Okay, this is my last throw.  It had better be a good one…


It was a beary close game but I won by just a few points.

“I was a little bit off my game tonight,” Uncle Tibbs said.  “You deserved the win!  I hope we can have a rematch.”

 Bowling is fun!  Do you like to bowl?



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