Pool, anyone?


Today I played some pool.  It was a little difficult because there were no cue sticks in my size.  I started off the game by breaking the rack.

Not a bad break, in my opinion.  Not too bad for a little bear.

I analyzed some angles before taking my next shot.  I hear the pros can make the ball jump over another ball.  But I am not at that level yet.

Did you know that in pool, just like in golf, you can try to block the pocket and keep your opponent from scoring, like I am doing here?
And just like in golf, accidents and injuries can sometimes happen when playing pool.  Be beary careful.
Okay, time for a classic, behind the back trick shot.
In the end, I’m not sure who won this game.  My opponent and I were confused about the exact rules of pool.  I guess having fun is more important than winning sometimes.  Do you like to play pool?


  1. It looked like you had fun Ajdin and I think that is the most important thing! I played quite a bit of pool in Vietnam last year where every cafe seemed to have a table. But… I wasn't beary good – but that's OK. I didn't know about the blocking pockets rule – will have to remember that one! I know that you're not supposed to sink the cue ball or the black ball (at least not till the end) but sometimes it's more fun to make up your own rules!


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