After a few tries, I was able to catch my very own lobster!  I put him in my fishing pail.  I couldn’t wait to try lobster for the first time.

I opened my mouth to take a bite…

“OUCH!” I cried.  The lobster pinched my nose.
“I dun think so matey!” the lobster said.  “I’m not going to be anybody’s seafood grub today!  Arrrr!”
“A talking lobster?” I said in disbelief.  He gave me a strange look.
“You land creatures don’t know much about us seafaring lads, now do ya?  Arrrr!”

He scampered away grumbling something about silly land creatures and hidden treasure.  I was left rubbing my nose and with no lunch.  I guess it’s not that easy to catch a lobster.

Fortunately, my mom had better luck with catching lobsters.  We even brought some home where I shared some with Uncle Tibbs.

“Thanks for thinking of me, Ajdin,” he said.

Time to dig in!



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