I was feeling bored today until my mom brought me something fun – it was a puzzle.

I took out the pieces and got ready to solve.  Would I be able to put this puzzle together?  I did one before, so I think I can do it again.
They say the trick to puzzle-solving is to start with the corners.  So that’s exactly what I did.
After I did the corners, then I worked on the edges.  That left me with just one piece left.  I wonder where it goes.
I put it right in the center.
Ah, it’s a puzzle of a fellow bear.  If it had a blue shirt, then it would be me.  This puzzle was too easy!  Do you like puzzles?


  1. You did a great job on the puzzle Ajdin, and the image was of a bear! We sometimes put puzzles together, more during the winter when we have a lot of snow, and as long as there are treats to enjoy while working on the puzzle.


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