Fall Farm Fun


I think it’s time for some fall festivities!  Today I went to a farm.  I started off climbing some bales of hay.  That was fun but I soon realized that I am a magnet for hay.

Then I saw a large tractor at the farm and climbed aboard.
So this is what it’s like to be a farmer bear.
No trip to a farm would be complete without an adventure in a corn maze.  Here I am about to enter the cornundrum.  Beary clever, whoever thought of this.
I went inside and tried to find my way out.
Then I came to a fork in the road.
I also saw some aliens in this corn maze.  I guess it’s true what they say about aliens landing in cornfields.  These aliens were beary friendly.
But I was still stuck in this corn maze!
Would I ever find my way out?

Phew!  I finally found the exit of that corn maze.  Next, it was time to visit some animals.  Here was a dairy cow.
Next, I fed some goats.

 Then I visited some beary hard-working bees.

Right next to them was a stand full of honey!

I also picked a pumpkin on our way out.  Maybe I will enter Jerry and Ben’s pumpkin carving contest.  Fall is fun and also my favorite season – be sure to do some fun fall things!


  1. We're sure glad you found your way out of that maze! It looked like fun, and all that honey…Jerry was glued to the computer screen looking at it. We hope you enter the pumpkin carving contest!


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