Holiday cards


I checked the mailbox today and it was just brimming with mail for me.  It is official – now I receive more mail than my mom does.  Let’s take a look at today’s mail haul.

First up is a holiday card from my friends Jerry and Ben.  What a pretty bird on this card.  Thanks Jerry and Ben!

Next, we have a photo collage card from Little Fox and his friends.  I see Sequoia in one of the photos.  What a special holiday it will be for him this year to have a real family.  Thanks Little Fox!
Up next is some international mail from Beanie Mouse.  Beanie is beary creative so I want to show you a picture of the envelope.  See, even the envelope is like a piece of art.

And inside is a handmade holiday card from Beanie.  Thanks Beanie!

And last but not least is a card from Sandy Bear.  Ah, those Christmas trees look nice.  Oh, and what do we have here?  Sandy also sent me a little wrapped gift.
Well, I think I’ll go right ahead and open it now then!
Wait!  What is this?  My mom has snatched it away from me!  *SIGH*  She says I have to wait until Christmas to open it.
Here I am empty-pawed.  Well, I guess Christmas isn’t too far away so I don’t have to wait long to find out what it is.  Thanks for the cards everyone!  🙂


  1. I could not wait to open my gift from Sandy, it was beary cool.

    It's official, I (little fox) also get more mail than my roommates do, one day I got three cards and my roommates only got a garbage bill.


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