Hello there everyone.  I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  The weekend is almost here and that makes us beary happy!

Today I am going to talk about something beary important, yet something that most humans take for granted.


(Little Fox’s Halloween costume entry from last year is a good example of some nice eyebrows.)
As you can see, I do not have any eyebrows.  However, eyebrows are essential for expressing a wide range of emotions.
To help illustrate the importance of eyebrows, Uncle Tibbs has kindly volunteered to model some
eyebrows for us today.  Here is the neutral eyebrow look.
“Hello Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs said.
Now for the angry look.
“AJDIN!!  DID YOU TAKE MY HONEY??” Uncle Tibbs yelled.
(I have never seen Uncle Tibbs close to being angry before so this was a little bit scary.)
The surprised look.
“Oh, I didn’t mean to scare you, Ajdin.”
And finally, there is the unibrow look.
Which eyebrow look is your favorite?  Do you have eyebrows?


  1. Ah yes… eyebrows… you did a great job of showing how they express emotions so well… Our cats express their emotions with their whiskers and ears… Alas, most stuffies are whiskerless as well. Mind you, there is a lot that can be expressed by limpid, pleading stuffy eyes! A pair of eyelids with eyelashes would help too… oh well…


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