Pants or no pants?


Thank you everyone, for your thoughtful responses regarding my pants dilemma.  After reading your comments, I was still undecided about the entire situation so I went to ask Uncle Tibbs for advice.

“Uncle Tibbs,” I said, “I received a pair of pants the other day from the pants fairy, but I’m not sure if I should put them on.”

“Hmm… I’m afraid I don’t have much experience with this situation,” he replied.  “One thing is for sure, these are definitely your size and not mine!”
“What should I do, Uncle Tibbs?  I have always had a bare bear bum and I like it that way.”
“Well, you could still be bare bear bummed – like me – and always wonder what wearing pants is like.  Or, you could try them on and find out.  Worse comes to worse, you can always take them off.”
Deep down inside, I knew Uncle Tibbs was right.
I picked up the pants.
I was going to try them on.
“Hey everyone, Ajdin is going to try on some pants!” Uncle Tibbs announced.  Ooogie and Feathers came over to witness this historic event.
I carefully pulled one leg on…
…then the other.  I had to squirm around on the ground a bit.
Uncle Tibbs giggled.
“This is harder than it looks,” I said.
“Theeeeeee susssssspeeeeeense isssssssss killiiiiiiiiing meeeeeeeeeeee,” said Ooogie.
Finally, with some effort, I had successfully put my pants on.
“There!  How do I look?” I asked.
“Umm…. you look…” Uncle Tibbs stifled more giggles.
“Neeeeeeeeerdy,” Ooogie said.
“What if you untucked your shirt?” Feathers asked.  “There, that’s better.”
It was an entirely new sensation wearing pants.  I walked around for a bit as my friends watched.
“So this is what pants feel like,” I said.
But soon, I began to feel itchy… and restricted in movement… and I had a sudden urge…
…to take them off!
“Ajdin, what happened?” my friends asked.
“I am… a bare bummed bear!” I said proudly.
Uncle Tibbs giggled some more.
Oh well, at least I tried wearing pants, but I guess they aren’t for me.



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